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Edge + Euro Zone + Options


The Euro zone is constitued by:


  * Austria

  * Belgium

  * Cyprus 

  * Estonia

  * Finland

  * France

  *Germany - Germany has 5 mint houses and there are 5 Germany colections by year: Letter A, letter D, letter F, letter G and letter J.  In this particular case on tab Loose coins you can choose the letter you want in "Optional Field" when you enter the product.

  * Greece

  * Ireland

  * Italy

  * Luxembourg

  * Malta

  * Monaco

  * Netherlands

  * Portugal

  * San Marino

  * Slovakia

  * Slovenia

  * Spain

  * Vatican 



In the case of 2 €uro coins, commemorative or normal, you can choose the edge on "Optional Field" on products.


Edge differenciation:


To read the coins you have to put the country side up.


Country: Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece and Netherlands

Exemple: Germany




In this group of countries the coin is Edge type A is you read the legend in a correct way, as picture shows. Otherwise is Edge type B.


Country: Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia and Vatican 

Exemple: Belgium




In this case the edge apresents the number “2” and stars, if the stars on the left of right number "2” have the tip up is Edge type A, otherwise is type B.


Country: Malta and Estonia – Don't have the edge differenciation.

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